LLC numbers are on the rise

08/10/2018 08:51

In times of economic instability many educated and experienced men and women turn to entrepreneurship by necessity. Perhaps its fear of a job loss, burnout or just plain American ingenuity but many individuals are finding that in this job market it may be easier to set up their own business to create a new income stream or level of comfort. No matter what the reasons, LLC numbers is up 12% over this time last year.

And, the numbers continue to prove that most individuals choose an LLC over incorporating because LLC are cheaper for form, easier to manage and have flexible tax options.

Consulting and marketing companies are on the rise. People are finding new fulfillment in pouring their energies into something they love. I know that starting this company has been a blessing to me too.

If you're in this boat and you have a great marketing idea or you want to take your sole proprietorship business to the next level, let Reliable LLC Filings, LLC help.